Robin St. Louis 2014 Painter of the Year

A solid group of 24 paintings were entered in the 2014 Painter of the Year competition. The judge, Janis Cipriani Willis, did a good job of discussing each painting. At the beginning of the critique, she said she would be looking at composition, creativity, technique, use of color, and “notan” ( impact).  She pointed out the good things and a small suggestion of how the painting could possibly be improved.  Everyone really enjoyed the process.

Robin St. Louis, Painter of the Year 2014, “Making His Case”

Linda Hanna, 1st place, “Wildflower Bouquet”

John Ressler, 2nd place, “The Winning Ball”




Sweet Pea Photo

FLORALS,  FLOWERS, BOUQUETS – whatever you like to call them.

These are the subjects for the Summer Challenge 2014

Paint from a photo, or from the real thing.  Make it realistic or abstract.  Try a different style from your usual way!

To make the judging a bit fairer, we are rewarding painters in the following groups.  We would love to see what our new painters can do …

  1. Painters who have never entered anything.
  2.  Painters who have entered shows but won no ribbons.
  3. Ribbon winners.
  4. Old pros, teachers and the like.


Enjoy your summer painting and let us enjoy the results in October.  You can enter up to 3 paintings.

Wildflower Painting

Sweet Pea Painting


2014 Annual Show Winners

Coachella Valley Watercolor Society Ribbon Winners

at the 25th Annual Members’ Art Show & Sale

Classic Club, Palm Desert,

February 28 – March 1, 2014


2014 Annual Show Winners

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2014 Christina Davis Memorial Scholarship Award


Winner Marilyn Hirshleifer, with Chris’s daughter and Scholarship Chair, Dorcas Greene

The second recipient of the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society’s Annual Christina Davis Memorial Scholarship is Marilyn Hirshleifer of Palm Springs, CA.

“I started my art life in New York City at the Art Students League and became a textile designer. What inspired me today is Color-Abstract Art, Plein Air Painting. In 2000 visiting friends in Africa, I was very attracted to the African designs and continued to visit Africa for 13 years. I see all my pictures as designs of color-balance and the many facets I see around me and in my travels.”

The 3 judges found her work to be “unique with strong color and composition”.

The scholarship award is a 4 day workshop with Pat Dews or a 5 day workshop with Stephen Quiller, hosted by the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society.

Ms. Hirshleifer has generously offered the value of her award back to the club to use for the grants made to youth art programs in the valley.

Chris’s daughter spoke to the audience after the presentation, saying “You all were a strong influence on my mother’s creativity and harmony. She thanks you.” Read the rest of this entry »