Patrick Dooley - Artist and Teacher

Patrick is a highly sought after artist and teacher who has spent the major part of his life in the pursuit of creating and sharing his passion for painting. He studied art at the Los Angeles Art Center School and completed the Famous Artist Schools course in Commercial Art and Illustration.

Through his academic studies and a strong desire to be the best artist he could be, he developed and absorbed his acute attention to the need for good drawing skills. After years of practicing his skills as an advertising executive and designer, he soon became involved with fine art and sells his paintings in every corner of the globe. His studies have subsequently defined him as a competent fine artist and illustrator. His free and loose style has made him a favorite with students and collectors alike.

Patrick's paintings can be found in a myriad of public and private collections and the following Galleries:

Contact: Patrick Dooley - 760-565-7514  or

CVWS wishes to thank Patrick for his generous donation of his demo painting to the raffle.