January's Demonstrator    JANICE CIPRIANI-WILLIS

Janice Cipriani-Willis

Janice Cipriani-Willis is an accomplished watercolorist who lives and works at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in Temecula. She began her art education by earning a B.A. in Fine Arts from California State University, Los Angeles.

Traveling and observation have inspired her to find and express in watercolor the subtle and often obscure beauty she finds in the places and faces. She sees the pieces of light that play over forms as a marvelous mosaic. In her watercolors (in which the lightest light is the white of the paper) she rearranges these bits of light into an image of the world’s beauty. Janice’s current work has been inspired by watching people from all walks of life in situations that engender a range of human emotions. She focuses on the depth of expression seen in their faces.

In 2014 Janice was awarded Signature Status in the National Watercolor Society. She is also a Signature member of Watercolor West and received the Patrons II Award this year. She has studied with many artists including Don Andrews, Gerald Brommer, Frank Francese, Fealing Lin, Ted Nuttall and Frank Webb.

Original works and giclee reproductions are available and can be seen by appointment at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, and at the Brandon Art Gallery in Fallbrook CA, as well as at the web site www.fallbrookbrandongallery.org/brandongalleryartist/janice-cipriani-willis.


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