Jean Pederson's imagery includes people, still life, landscape and abstraction. Although she is well-known for her mastery of watercolors, mixed media has become an important venue for her creative expression. The layering of a variety of media offers her an assortment of possibilities within her work; quality of edge, line and texture all play a role within her imagery.    Much of her work is portraits.  She feels that finding a way to express the human figure in a language that reflects the 21st century is perhaps the greatest challenge in figurative work today.

Pederson has exhibited her work internationally in the Royal Collection in Windsor, England, in China, London, Stockholm, at the United Nations in New York, in San Francisco, Mexico and across Canada. She is the author of Expressive Portraits: Creative Methods for Painting People.  She has been painting for over 20 years, balancing her strong teaching abilities and writing with her continuing aspiration to convey her ideas in visual form.



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