Adopted by the Board of Directors on March 9, 2006

as Amended April 9, 2009

In accepting membership in the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society (CVWS), members

agree to abide by these rules and regulations and any amendments. It is understood by

the membership that this is a volunteer organization; and as such, it is imperative that all

members take a participatory interest in the furtherance of the organization. In order

for the organization to maintain its reputation as a quality art society, it behooves all

members to contribute their time and effort to the goals of the organization.

On June 22, 2006, CVWS was granted Federal tax-exempt status under Section

501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, CVWS is qualified to receive taxdeductible

bequests, devises, and transfers or gifts, subject to Code regulations. In

addition, contributions to CVWS are deductible to the extent the law provides. The

granting of the 501(c)(3) status does not in any way alter the mission statement and

purposes for which the organization was founded.


To promote the creative talents and art appreciation of its members and to stimulate

art interest and support art education for the young people in the Coachella Valley.


Effective July 1, 2006, dues shall be $45 per year for each single membership and

$65 for a couple’s membership. An additional charge of $5 shall be made for a name

badge. Renewals are due and payable on October 1, and must be received by that date in

order to be included in the membership roster. Dues must be current to be eligible to

enter all competitions and shows.


There shall be two types of memberships: Active memberships and Life

Memberships. Both Active and Life members shall have voting privileges and the right to

hold office. Active members shall be admitted to membership upon payment of annual

dues. A Life membership may be granted to an Active member by nomination of the

Board of Directors in appreciation for sustained and outstanding service to the




a. General meetings shall be held on the second Monday during the months of

October through May.

b. Effective October 1, 2005, general meetings shall be held at the Joslyn Senior

Center, 73-750 Catalina Way, Palm Desert, California, or at such other place within the

Coachella Valley of the County of Riverside, State of California, as the Board of

Directors may designate.

c. The April meeting shall be deemed to be the annual meeting for the purpose of

electing Officers (the Executive Board) and appointing remaining Directors (Standing

Committee Chairpersons) and the transacting of other business as may come before the



a. The Board of Directors shall be composed of the Executive Board (Officers) and

the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees listed below, and any additional Standing

Committees that may be appointed by the Board of Directors:

(1) Executive Board (Officers):


First Vice President (and Chair of Programs Committee)

Second Vice President (and Chair of Shows Committee)

Third Vice President (and Chair of Publicity Committee)

Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary (and Newsletter Editor)


(2) Chairperson(s) of the following Standing Committees and any additional

Standing Committees that may be appointed by the Board of Directors:

Audit Painter of the Month/Year

Grants Plein Air Paint-Outs

Historian Publicity

Hospitality Special Activities

Membership Workshops


b. The Board of Directors shall hold no fewer than four regular meetings in each

fiscal year at such time and place as the Board shall determine. Any board member who

fails to attend three (3) consecutive board meetings during the fiscal year, unless

officially excused, may be removed from his or her position. Special meetings may be

called by the President or Recording Secretary, or any three members of the Board, by

written notice to board members not fewer than ten (10) days before the meeting date.

c. Each member of the Board of Directors is entitled to one vote, regardless of

whether they occupy more than one position.


The Board of Directors deems the following to be Standing Committees, the

chairperson(s) of which shall be a member of the Board of Directors. The Board of

Directors may form additional committees from time to time, as it deems necessary.

All Standing Committee Chairpersons shall have the authority to set up subcommittees

in order to carry out the duties of that committee. In furtherance of the

goals of each Committee, the Chairperson shall use his or her best efforts to insure that

any planned event returns sufficient funds to cover the expenses incurred for that

particular event. The Chairperson shall submit to the Board a proposed budget for its

approval prior to any planned event.

If a Committee Chairmanship is shared, each co-Chairperson shall be entitled to vote.

Sub-committee chairpersons are not entitled to vote.

a. Programs ... The First Vice President shall be Chairperson of this committee. This

committee shall provide a program of interest to the general membership for each of the

months of October through May. The Chairperson shall have the authority to contract

with demonstrators and speakers for said meetings. He or she shall work with the

Painter-of-the-Month/Year Chairperson to secure a judge for the Painter-of-the-Year


Sub-committees: Storage and Room Set-Up; Raffles; Video Library.

b. Shows ... The Second Vice President shall be Chairperson of this committee. This

committee shall organize and supervise the Annual Membership Show and any other shows

authorized by the Board of Directors. In furtherance of that, the Chairperson shall have

the authority to contract with judges, space rental, awards and such other services that

may be needed to proceed with these shows. In addition, this committee shall give

assistance to others involved with the Small Images show and any exhibits.


c. Publicity ... The Third Vice President shall be Chairperson of this committee. This

committee shall prepare publicity for any and all meetings, shows and exhibits,

competitions and special events that may be called by the Board.

d. Newsletter ... The Corresponding Secretary shall be the Chairperson of this

committee. This committee shall write, edit, assemble and mail a newsletter as directed

by the Board of Directors.

Sub-committee: Newsletter Distribution.

e. Painter of the Month/Year ... The Chairperson of this committee shall organize

the Painter-of-the-Month competition at each general membership meeting, organize the

annual Painter-of-the-Year competition, and be responsible for the library exhibit of


f. Membership ... The Chairperson of this committee shall be responsible for

keeping all membership data, preparing a current membership roster, issuing membership

cards, guest passes and securing name tags, as well as providing other Committee

Chairpersons with sets of labels for mailing, as needed. In addition, the Chairperson shall

be present at the beginning of each general membership meeting to hand out and collect

membership applications.

g. Historian ... The Chairperson of this committee shall assemble and maintain all

records of the history and development of this organization.

h. Hospitality ... The Chairperson of this committee shall be responsible for

refreshments and host all general meetings, shows, exhibits and special events.

Sub-committee: Sunshine

i. Plein Air Paint-Outs ... The Chairperson of this committee shall schedule paintouts

during the months of November through May. In addition, this Chairperson shall

organize and arrange the annual “Field Mouse-of-the-Year” Competition and the Plein Air

Exhibits, and secure judges as required.

j. Grants ... At the discretion of the Board, and if there is sufficient revenue,

grants may be made available to qualified individuals who have completed the grant

request process. If grants are to be provided, a selection committee shall be appointed

prior to the March Board meeting, consisting of the Grants Committee Chairperson, plus

one or two other Board members or members at large appointed by the Chairperson. The

Chairperson shall submit the Committee’s recommendations to the Board preferably at

the March Board meeting, but no later than the April Board meeting. Grants shall be


presented at the April general meeting. A separate record and accounting shall be kept

of grant funds (including receipt, disbursement and follow-up of receipt of funds) in

accordance with Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3)requirements."

k. Special Activities ... The Chairperson of this committee shall be responsible for

activities not covered above, including, but not limited to, special exhibits and sales,

special classes, field trips, bus tours, etc., as approved by the Board.

Sub-Committees: Life Drawing; Field Trips.

l. Audit ... This committee shall be appointed by the President, consisting of the

Treasurer and two other individuals, one of whom shall serve as Chairperson (not the

Treasurer). This committee shall be responsible for an annual, or at least every two year

review of the books of the organization. The Treasurer’s function as a member of the

committee shall be to answer questions and locate any requested information. The

committee should meet within sixty days of the closing of the fiscal year, and see that

bank statements and check books balance, that proper checks have been written and

recorded, and that correct financial statements have been prepared for the Board. The

Chairperson shall make a report to the Board that all is in order, or report any

discrepancies that need to be addressed.

m. Workshops ... The Chairperson of this committee shall provide workshops of

interest to the general membership and have the authority to contract for space rental

and the instructor. At least one month prior to a workshop, the Chairperson shall present

a summary of estimated income and expenses for the Board’s final approval.


The Board of Directors must approve any single expenditure over $150, before any

letters of agreement or contracts are drawn up.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised

shall govern the organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they

are not inconsistent with the bylaws, these standing rules and any special rules of order

the organization may adopt.

APPROVED AND ADOPTED by the Board of Directors on April 9, 2009 at a regularly

held and noticed meeting in Palm Desert, California.

______________________________ ______________________________

President Recording Secretary