Coachella Valley Watercolor Society press and media area.


The goal of the publicity chair and co-chair is to promote and inform the public about the activities of the CVWS and to familiarize people in the Coachella Valley with Art in general and CVWS in particular. Publicity is responsible for all functions of the Society including the "Plein Air Show" and the "Annual Membership Show".

A media list, updated by the end of May, is prepared by the publicity chairpersons.

Important meetings and other activities that promote and inform the public are also the responsibility of the publicity chair. This is accomplished through advertising in magazines, newspapers, local flyers and posters; radio and TV media, and posting on our newly formed website, In addition there are online websites that provide opportunities for us to publish our Public Service Announcements.

Publicity is always seeking new ways to enhance visibility to our progressive and growing society. We welcome any ideas or suggestions.


 Marilyn Blitz: (253) 381-0993

Event Postcards

  • [pdf size=24 href=""] 2013 Fine Art Sale[/pdf]
  • [pdf size=24 href=""]2013 Member's Show[/pdf]
  • [pdf size=24 href=""]2013 Plein Air Show[/pdf]
  • [pdf size=24 href="a_cvwsmember_front.pdf"]2012 Member's Show[/pdf]
  • [pdf size=24 href="a_cvwspleinair_front.pdf"]2012 Plein Air Show[/pdf]
  • [pdf size=24 href="a_cvwssmimage_front.pdf"]2012 Small Image Show & Sale[/pdf]

Press Releases

  • [pdf size=24 href=""]CVWS May Meeting 2012[/pdf]


[pdf size=24 href=""]CVWS Brochure Front Side[/pdf]
[pdf size=24 href=""]CVWS Brochure Back Side[/pdf]