Officers and Committee Chairmen

CVWS Board Officers for 2017- 2018

President – Diane Archie Moore

Executive VP – Marcia Slater Hatfield

1st VP (Programs) – Robin St. Louis

2nd VP (Shows) – Kathleen Scoggin, Alicia Siegler

3rd VP (Publicity) – Marilyn Blitz

Treasurer – Cindy Mason

Recording Secretary – Nancy Rizzardi

Corresponding Secretary (Newsletter/Website) – Connie Zane

Committee Chairs:

                   Equipment –  John Ressler, Jim Nelson

                 Field Mice – Susan Ober/Nancy Whelan

               Historian – Joyce Kingman

                 Hospitality – Wanda Boyston, Mary Minamide, Donna Clack

                   Life Drawing – Vera Knowles, Imelda Gregov

         Membership /Directory – Connie Collins

            New Member Liaison – Open

                    Painter of the Month – Moira Johannessen

        Raffle –  Sunny Patton

                Sunshine – Gloria Mucciolo

         DVD Library – Mike Collins

                    Workshops – Diane Moore, Nina Harlan

            Special Activities – Open