About Us

Founded in 1989, the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society currently has over 240 members. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and each year we donate money and scholarships to youth organizations and groups. Each year we raise funds to provide art supplies for children’s art programs in the community.


  • To support and promote further education in and appreciation for watercolor art.
  • To provide inspiration and opportunities for its members and local artists of all levels to get involved in the visual arts and to exhibit their work.
  • To provide art activities including, but not limited to: art exhibits, educational programs, Plein air outings, demonstrations and workshops.
  • To support art education for young people of Coachella Valley.
  • To stimulate creative activity, interest and enjoyment of art among its members through programs presented at regular meetings.
  • To sponsor exhibits and show open to the public, giving its members an opportunity to display and promote their work.

To boldly paint where no one has painted before!

Rules and Regulations

RULES AND REGULATIONS COACHELLA VALLEY WATERCOLOR SOCIETY Adopted by the Board of Directors on March 9, 2006 as Amended April 9, 2009 In accepting membership in the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society (CVWS), members agree to abide by these rules and regulations and any amendments. It is understood by the membership that this is a volunteer …

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Officers and Committee Chairmen

CVWS Board Officers for 2017- 2018 President – Diane Archie Moore Executive VP – Marcia Slater Hatfield 1st VP (Programs) – Robin St. Louis 2nd VP (Shows) – Kathleen Scoggin, Alicia Siegler 3rd VP (Publicity) – Marilyn Blitz Treasurer – Cindy Mason Recording Secretary – Nancy Rizzardi Corresponding Secretary (Newsletter/Website) – Connie Zane Committee Chairs: …

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CVWS By-Laws

1 BYLAWS OF COACHELLA VALLEY WATERCOLOR SOCIETY Adopted February 5, 1992 Amended November 1995, October 1997, October 1998, November 2000, December 2002, Restated July 2004, Amended July 2005 and July 2010 ARTICLE I. NAME The name of this nonprofit organization is COACHELLA VALLEY WATERCOLOR SOCIETY. ARTICLE II. OFFICE Section 1. Principal Office The principal office …

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In 1989, three accomplished watercolorists, Wanda Boydstun, Connie Fassett, and Mary Minamide, founded the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society (CVWS). They envisioned a gathering of creative watercolor painters for the entire valley and grants for the appreciation and continuation of education in water media art for local youth programs. Today, they support art education for children …

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Press & Media

Coachella Valley Watercolor Society press and media area. Publicity The goal of the publicity chair and co-chair is to promote and inform the public about the activities of the CVWS and to familiarize people in the Coachella Valley with Art in general and CVWS in particular. Publicity is responsible for all functions of the Society …

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Contact Us

Mailing Address Coachella Valley Watercolor Society PO Box 565 Palm Desert CA, 92261-0565 Telephone 760-346-0835 E-Mail Addresses General E-Mail: info@cvws.org  

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