Next Meeting – October 9, 2017 – 6:30 Joslyn Center, Palm Desert, CA

Summer Challenge - 


There were two categories for you to attempt for the summer challenge of 2017.

1.  Color Mixing – Do a painting using only three tubes of paint, plus a pigment that will allow you to mix darks, like alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue or Windsor Green.

2.  Fresh eyes:  Take an Artist Field Trip to a grocery store or Home Depot.  Wander around looking for things that catch your eye with their color, shape or texture.  Be open to everything.  Think about how they’ll look with sunlight and shadows, with the sun shining through or reflecting off them.  You may want to paint things in their packaging or take them out and rearrange them.  You may want one kind of thing or an eclectic mix of lots of different things.  If you look up Janet Fish online,  she has some “grocery store” paintings to give you ideas along this line.

Whether you’ve taken on the summer challenge or not, we’d love o have you bring any paintings that you’ve done over the summer to share at our first meeting of the new season on October 9th.