At the May General Meeting  this year’s winners will will be chosen by Judge Leo Fuchs. He will also offer commentary on all of this year’s entries in the Painter of the Year Competition.

Leo Fuchs is a professional artist, art educator, and lecturer; he has been an influential force in the realm of culture and has published many articles on art education, creative development, and the importance of art, culture, and the artist in society. Leo Fuchs is currently director of arts education for SELMA (SUPPORT and EDUCATION for LOCAL MUSIC and ART) a philanthropic organization headquartered in Palm Desert and serving the entire Coachella Valley.


As a professional artist Leo Fuchs has exhibited work widely throughout California, the western US as well as exhibits in China. Some recent shows were entitled “Mythology for a Scientific Age”, “Beyond Fear and Desire” and most recently “Of Silence”. The works are abstract paintings that are not intended to be personal but rather universal in that they unite the collective human experience. Here is what one reviewer had to say: “No other artist of our time has so successfully addressed the challenges of creating the new art for a new world culture in the twenty first century.”


As an educator Leo Fuchs has taught art and design at many schools and colleges throughout Southern California and is highly regarded for his outstanding quality as an art instructor. Over his career he has taught and written the curriculum for a multitude of courses in art and design. He has created special “creative development” programs for children, as well as curricula for high school and colleges. Students have said that Leo Fuchs is an outstanding Art Teacher who motivates students, captures their interest and delivers instruction and knowledge in a way that brings complete clarity and understanding to the subject matter.