Del Lunde “en plein air”

Some Guidelines For Plein Air Painters

“Some of the oft asked questions by newer painters in the group are: “When do we start?” What materials do I bring?

In other words, they want to be prepared for a new experience. Some come early (8:30 or before) to capture the lighting conditions, but most come later. Usually artists will do their drawing, take photos, and do the majority of their art work right there. That’s what outdoor painting is all about. You will want to have a chair, a hat to protect from too much sun & a cart to carry everything; look to see what others bring. 

We usually break for lunch and put up our work to share with others. Everyone is encouraged to show their work.

We don’t critique the paintings and lessons are not given. Some of our painters do offer lessons; check the CVWS website for those who teach.

We have all levels from beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Everyone has talent and wants to enjoy the plein air experience. Just plan to attend and be a part of this wonderful painting experience.

Plan on showing your work of that day and not something you have done previously or done in studio. We all want to see your interpretation of the venue of the day.

 One of my fortunes from a Chinese luncheon.

“ You’re in awe of people who have a talent you do not possess. Others are in awe of you for the exact same reason, though you are so used to your own talents that you may not see them as anything remarkable”.

 I’ve also been asked to go over the consideration we give to those we paint with. Plein Air painters make many decisions related to the work they are doing and try to get into the “zone”. Timing of the brush strokes, color selection, and myriad other choices are being made. A lot of visitation may disturb this flow. So, for the most part we do most of our socializing during the lunch period.. Additionally, we want to leave our paint site cleaner than we found it. In other words, show respect for the venue so we will be invited to return.

 We are pleased to be starting a new season of painting, many of our friends will be retuning to the desert in the weeks ahead.