May 12 General Meeting “Painter of the Year”


The May General Meeting is always one of the high points of the year for the CVWS Club. Every “Painter of the Month” ribbon winner for the 2013-2014 Season will compete for the “Painter of the Year” title and the guests in attendance are treated to a critique of all the paintings entered by the judge for the evening, Janice Cipriani-Willis.

Be sure to get there early for this exciting evening to celebrate your fellow watercolorists and the close of the 2013-2014 Season.  Joslyn Center, 73-750 Catalina Way, Palm Desert, 7 to 9 pm.


Janice Cipriani-Willis is an accomplished watercolorist who lives and works at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in Temecula. She began her art education by earning a B.A. in Fine Arts from California State University, Los Angeles. A lifetime of vacationing in Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks, as well as traveling the back roads in between, inspired Janice to express the beauty of the world in watercolors. Because this beauty is seen through light, watercolors, (in which the lightest light is actually the white of the paper) seemed the most appropriate medium to show this light.
She sees the pieces of light that play over the forms of people, animals, and land as jewels that form a marvelous mosaic. In her watercolors she rearranges these bits of light into an image of this
world’s beauty.
Janice’s current work has been inspired by watching people from different walks of life in various situations that engender a range of human feelings. She focuses on the depth of expression seen in their faces. Janice has studied with many nationally known artists such as: Don Andrews, Fealing Lin, Gerald Brommer, Frank Francese, Frank Webb, and Tony Couch.
She is a signature member of Watercolor West, having been accepted into Watercolor West shows many times and received their People’s Choice Award in 2008 and the Victor Miceli Law
Library Purchase Award in 2005. Other national awards include Best of Show (2010 and 2011) in the juried RiverRoad Show in Louisiana.
Her work can be seen at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony by appointment, at the Brandon Gallery in Fallbrook, and on their website: www.fallbrookbrandongallery.org/