Are all you Field Mice are gearing up for our Plein Air Show? It is Feb. 3- 17 at the Historical Society of Palm Desert Museum at 72-861 El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert.  The gallery is open Mon., Wed., Fri, & Sat from 10-3 PM, so tell all your friends to be sure and come by.

Take-in for 2 Framed and 6 Bin paintings is Saturday Feb.1st from 10AM to Noon.   The

reception is the following Saturday (Feb 8th, from noon to 2PM), and pick up is Tuesday, Feb 18th from 9AM to 11AM.  Robin St. Louis will judge the show.

We will need volunteers for gallery sitting and all entrants must sign up for this.  We will also be promoting the show with a paint out,  outside the gallery, on Wed, Feb 5th

(instead of the usual Tuesday paint out ).

Upcoming venues are:

Feb 5 (NOTE: this is Wed, not Tuesday) – Plein Air Show on El Paseo – HIstorical Society Museum                                     Bring a photograph or a drawing to paint from if you wish.

Feb 11 - Coachella Valley Palm Preserve

Feb 18 - Shields Date Garden – Plan to have lunch in their restaurant.

Feb 25 - Santa Rosa Visitor’s Center (Hwy 74)

All members are welcome to join the Field Mice paint outs each Tuesday from 9AM to Noon.  Come equipped to paint outside (chair, easel, hat, sunscreen etc.)  We typically bring a lunch or buy lunch at a local spot and display our paintings while we eat.  All locations are easily accessible and have nearby restrooms. Del Lunde provides weekly directions by email.  If you’re not on his list, contact him at: delkaren@dc.rr.com.

Connie Zane, Field Mice Co-chair